Inner Circle

i was at a meeting of youngsters. A common friend's marriage being the reason.
It was quite fun, all in all. A dissociated group of people were preparing to put up a dance show together! Quite an undertaking it was, with most people not even having a passing acquaintance with dance. But dedication can teach us anything. And there they were, people who could barely manage to move a foot on the right beat, doing all kinds of pelvic thrusts and shimmies. I loved the verve of life that ran in the group. Sensational it was.
As is almost like a haunting disease with me when i'm in any crowd...i relapsed into an internal recess. A total quietness where i am alone. As i saw the world whizz around me. There was a commonness among girls, that was hard to not notice.

straight hair. unruly cut. falling (may be fashionably) on face.
twig thin figure. disappearing butts. hardly existent busts.
polished nails. polished toes. all in stark (red/ green/ blue/ black) colours.
deep plunging tiny tops. low rise (correct me if i'm wrong) lowers. both tight like skin.
kohl lined eyes. glossy lips.
mesmerising body smell.

in that brief moment of madness...all girls looked so similar...i could hardly tell one from the other. Inconsequential notings, but amusing nonetheless. As i sat there smiling to myself, i wondered if i was ahead of the race, in it or if i had lost it, or never entered it! Because both facts and analysis tell us that some race is on for sure. maybe, each generation has its own race.

I don't know where i'd stand in the societal radar - with my normal plain hair, my rather full body, nails that have never seen polish, feet never known pedicure, easy fitting clothes, no make-up face and the mixed smell of soap and washing detergent on me! I don't know, but it would be interesting to hear, my perception in Today's eyes.

As for me, I feel quite swell about myself.   :)