Saturday, May 21, 2011

One-Person World

When you're dished out by life
a shoddy deal
or people cause bruises
that do not heal
when life's in a mess
and you see no end
i'll hold you back from falling
& i'll be your FRIEND

where neighbors are nasty
and colleagues scheming
when your eyes grow tired
and they stop dreaming
i'll teach you lil tricks
i'll make you a pro
i'll cheer from the audience
& i'll be your BRO

when choices confuse you
and you need a second view
i'll fish out the best
that suits right on you
and when you get decked up
i'll plant you a huge kiss
i'll be your best fan
& i'll be your SIS

wronged by your weakness
if you get bitter and hurt
i'll scratch and see the reason
as to why you are curt
i'll know the words to speak
and where to get them from
i'll understand your silences
& i'll be your MOM

lost, if you ever are
and you need a hand to hold
shaking, if your heart feels
and you need to get it bold
i'll remind you of your worth
i'll help you get better
i'll enthuse and motivate you
& i'll be your MENTOR

need hug? come to me
i'll kiss and cover your face
need strength? look in my eyes
see life's gift and grace
i'll be your shield against odds
i'll be your caring cover
i'll dissolve your body in my soul
& i'll be your LOVER

within earshot within eyesight
i'll always stand by you
i'll worship, love and raise you
with trust pure and true
you'll always find me close
my fingers and yours curled
deriving love, mirth and character
i'll be your one-person world.

i long for you

i long for your eyes on my face
i long for your hand around my waist
i long for our shared little laughter
i long for your passionate embrace

i long to drink from your lips
i long to lock my finger with yours
i long to touch you with my hair
i long to absorb you in my pores

i long to talk out my soul
i long to show you my dance
i long to see all your colours
i long for naughty play and prance

i long to capture you for me
i long to have you at leisure
i long to walk the path with you
i long for your pain and your pleasure

Friday, May 20, 2011

and then you came

Transfixed by cruel twists of time
i stood like a picture in a sepia frame
when slowly, things came alive
flowers bloomed, and then you came

vagrant by nature, bohemian by calling
mine was a soul i was trying to tame
till it found a string too good to be true
faith took a flight, and then you came.

hope had gone extinct, excuses were galore
powerless before fate, reasons went lame
but where people are good, chances come to roost
chances brought me here, and then you came

running for a cover, i sobbed in my hands
tears of love, and tears of shame
gained my own ground, loved back myself
took rein of my life, and then you came