Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Olympics aha!

Pump up the adrenaline
tighten your grip
clench your jaw

see not the opponent's skin
for the colour of blood is red
rush it to your head.

re-define resilience
BLEED yourself
target the brink.
surpass it.

Abandon Caution.
Worship Aggression.
Chase Passion.

have no mercy
love extremes.
you were born to live these chosen moments.
redeem your life.

Fight. Fury.
Slit. Sweat.
Temper. Tears.
Push beyond reason. Be mad.

When you play the game,
give it your ALL.

more than everything

More than the weight of your amazing body
thrust lovingly on mine...

more than the moist caress of your closed lips
on the valley of my bosom...

more than the hungry search of your fingers
from my head to toe...

more than the gaping brush your mouth
filling crevices of my being...

more than the biting-squeezing-tearing
hurry of frenzied love...

more that the shocking thwack of flesh
setting alight delicious flames on my body...

more than the near vindictive kiss
with my head turned wild in your grip...

more than the playful roll of your tongue
on my melting burning ear...

I love the sweet lingering smell
of your sweat rubbed off on my skin
for i end up crazy, mad, possessed
besotted with myself, enamored within.