Wednesday, October 27, 2010

पूरे चाँद से कहो, बुझ जाए
बहती नदी से कहो, थम जाए
झिलमिल बारिश से कहो, लौट जाए
सुहानी हवा से कहो, घर जाए
अपनी यादों से कहो, न आये
या मेरी मौत से कहो...आ जाए

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i miss myself

when a good friend asked me
how i was
my world stopped for a moment
life came to a pause

memories raced back
to when you were with me
bliss ran in my blood
't was a life meant to be

i lost count on time
since you went away
in years i haven't talked
to myself a single day...

दूसरा प्यार

आज फिर पगली हवा ने
गुदगुदाया है मुझे
आज फिर न चाहते हुए भी
वो याद आया है मुझे

मौसम बेहद सुहाना है
और मन बिलकुल अकेला
आँधियों की शोर में गूंजे है
वीरानियों का मेला

ऐसे में मैं आज
पुकारती हूँ तुझे
अब तेरा ही आश्रय है
समा ले बाहों में मुझे

प्यार से फटता कलेजा
आ तुझपे वार देती हूँ
बेजान पड़े सपनों को
तेरी झोली डार देती हूँ

आज फिर कोरे कागज़ पर
दिल से भरती हूँ स्याही
तेरे सहारे चलती है, ऐ 'कविता'
एक ज़िन्दगी अनब्याही

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An ode to the unemployed

I could be a swindler or a cheat
a thug or a hussy
I could be nasty and biased
unfair and fussy

I could fleece the skin off you
and damn you with usury
without further subjecting you
to all-mightiness of the JUDICIARY

I’m mean enough to cross all limits
like a wolf I cry, like a lamb I dress
my best knavery falls way too behind
when compared with the impostor called PRESS

I’m a gone case, I admit
but I’ve never killed a single person
my designs are petty and amateur

I let people live in their own way
my ideals, I don’t shove or push
I could be a liar – phoney and sly
But fade in comparison to GEORGE BUSH

I strip not people of their life-long savings
no irreversible damage, no rancour
I’m nothing but a trifling little thief
and not a behemoth BANKER

I stay clear of the innocent
I don’t grind them to their knees
I posses none of the ruthlessness
as that of the corrupt POLICE

I could be blunt, but I like it this way
better than always whitening the tar
taking folks for a ride, every now & then
like a thoroughbred professional of PR

Disillusioned I am of state’s institutions
betrayed, disgraced and annoyed
but still better than being on the other side
I’d rather stay harmless & unemployed.


It’s not that I resist
just to stand out
it’s for a deeper reason
that I deny and flout

I refuse to follow ideas
that cross terms with reason
I don’t care if you’d charge me
with blasphemy or treason

I’m a bohemian, a vagabond
a dreamer to the core
I glide with my senses
with my mind I soar

in a far-off land I live
away from conventions’ rot
u could fetter my body;
not colonise my thought

my stories could be small
my value trifling
but freedom is my partner
and bliss my sibling

I won’t toe the line
and I will not conform
am here to appease none
but beget my own norm

Custodians, beware!
a rebel has risen in me
to cause a wave of change
that centuries will live to see.

Friday, October 8, 2010

come to me

Like a feather on a wave
i float by my days
everything is a blur
every emotion a haze

please break the silence
let not the emptiness persist
hurt me, better still
tell me i still exist


Through the wilderness and forest
everyday i run
all night and day
past the moon and sun

i run to ward it off
to get rid of it someday
but it haunts as it follows
it's hell bent to stay

it lurks in the corners
it springs up in the face
holds a sweetened knife
stalks with quickened pace

i implore it to let go
"please set me free"
it's a parasite, doesn't listen
it sucks its life from me

i could peel it off my skin
or burn it or throw away
if only i could touch it
or make it do as i say

but HOPE is a hopeless thing
a shadow that never leaves
it thrives on despair
never heals, only grieves.

Monday, October 4, 2010

tantalising nature

Nature is playing a cruel game

when steeped in his arms,

i prayed you to rain

but all you lashed

was wind in vain

now i stare

lone and slain

and now you shower

time and again

wounds get wet

deepening the pain

nature is playing a cruel game