Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An ode to the unemployed

I could be a swindler or a cheat
a thug or a hussy
I could be nasty and biased
unfair and fussy

I could fleece the skin off you
and damn you with usury
without further subjecting you
to all-mightiness of the JUDICIARY

I’m mean enough to cross all limits
like a wolf I cry, like a lamb I dress
my best knavery falls way too behind
when compared with the impostor called PRESS

I’m a gone case, I admit
but I’ve never killed a single person
my designs are petty and amateur

I let people live in their own way
my ideals, I don’t shove or push
I could be a liar – phoney and sly
But fade in comparison to GEORGE BUSH

I strip not people of their life-long savings
no irreversible damage, no rancour
I’m nothing but a trifling little thief
and not a behemoth BANKER

I stay clear of the innocent
I don’t grind them to their knees
I posses none of the ruthlessness
as that of the corrupt POLICE

I could be blunt, but I like it this way
better than always whitening the tar
taking folks for a ride, every now & then
like a thoroughbred professional of PR

Disillusioned I am of state’s institutions
betrayed, disgraced and annoyed
but still better than being on the other side
I’d rather stay harmless & unemployed.

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