Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my Home

Scores of people i could meet
entire world i could roam
but return to you i must
for you are my only home

your arms are pillars i need
to hold on to when weak
your chest is the pillow i use
to dig in my face and sleep

in the pool of your eyes i jump
for some frolic and fun
in the small of your back i hide
when for solace i run

i drink the elixir of your lips
you are my nourishing food
you're also the kitchen in binge in
to kill my bad mood

to cry and crib in peace
i get cocooned in your embrace
your face mirrors my heart
it's my living room, my own place

my sanctum sanctorum is your body
my room for love and prayer
i cleanse n confess myself there
derive strength, love and care

pain, tiredness & boredom
you absorb them in like a foam
you're the only place in the world
the place i call my Home.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't Rain

Skies, don't rain.

no no no
don't you show me the color
of darkening heavens
don't spurt the smell
of earth that leavens

don't rain, oh! please don't
for rain reverses the scene
wounds that time had dried
rain opens them green

it's not that time ever healed
it just hid behind the crust
the pain the longing the love
moving on is time's lust

all is well, I've taken it
accepted that flowers won't bloom
that land of my heart will be barren
that silence will ache in gloom

so don't rain, oh! cruel you
don't show the possibility of hope
Rejection - I've handled so often
that Love - I won't be able to cope

I wanna tear apart, you clouds!
I wanna howl and shout in your face
I'm creature of the wilderness
don't need your rain and grace

Hardened thickened scarred
i can play with degrees of pain
my edifice shatters, my base is bored
when falls the first drop of rain

lemme live, lemme survive
oh! don't drive me insane
beat me or throw me in hell
do whatever, but please don't rain

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How i feel for You

You wanted to know
how i feel for you
so lemme show you things
lemme prove it to you

your finger in my hand, run with me
to skies unknown, clear and blue
don't you read it on the wind, written in bold
that i'm your fan, that i'm mad about you?

arm in arm, let's stand in the rain
face up the sky, the lash of pearl
don't you hear the drops, sing out aloud
that i'm your lover, that i'm your girl?

in the thick of night, let's go to the woods
feel the sway of trees, hear every sound
don't you see them paint, through shadows of life
that forever i'll be, that i'll stick around?

shut out the world, dig your face in my chest
bind my soul to yours, with an intangible chord
don't you feel my body, whisper in your palms
that i love you like life, that you are my god?

you wanted to know
how i feel for you...

don't you hear the world talking?
don't you feel it in the sky?
don't you taste it in the air?
don't you see it in my eye?