Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my Home

Scores of people i could meet
entire world i could roam
but return to you i must
for you are my only home

your arms are pillars i need
to hold on to when weak
your chest is the pillow i use
to dig in my face and sleep

in the pool of your eyes i jump
for some frolic and fun
in the small of your back i hide
when for solace i run

i drink the elixir of your lips
you are my nourishing food
you're also the kitchen in binge in
to kill my bad mood

to cry and crib in peace
i get cocooned in your embrace
your face mirrors my heart
it's my living room, my own place

my sanctum sanctorum is your body
my room for love and prayer
i cleanse n confess myself there
derive strength, love and care

pain, tiredness & boredom
you absorb them in like a foam
you're the only place in the world
the place i call my Home.


  1. i think this is one of your best...the essence of the poem is conveyed beautifully!!!!

  2. great going sonal. Expressed beautifully. Home sweet home. Your poems in iconnekt too were awesome.

  3. Thanks a lot :) your encouragement keeps me going.