Tuesday, December 28, 2010

you're not going anywhere

I know this with a certainty
need no wish no prayer
you're here to stay by me
you're not going anywhere

you need me for your thought
my existence for your belief
my love is your anchor
my absence your grief

you're great by yourself
but my memories keep you going
in the boat of your conscience
it's i who does the rowing

you could travel entire world
partner somebody else
but you'll need me at the end of day
to decipher what your heart tells
our love is beyond
definitions and conventions
above everything we know
above our own conditions

i'm not afraid my love
since nothing can do us apart
you're not going anywhere
we're a part of each-other's heart

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story of a tree

My mother sowed my seed
under rich, supple earth
it shone and rained all day
to celebrate my birth

A huge family we were
resplendent, strong & green
animals used to woo us
and birds came home to preen

and then you came along
the men-strong and wise
you discovered our beauties
in ways gentle and nice

fruit flower fodder
you reaped us to the core
paper wax rubber
your knowledge grew more

all went hunky dory
till your feet was on ground
but things turned gory
as u went foul and proud

forgetting that other creatures
were fellow inheritors of earth
you used and abused them
all for private mirth

when your family grew
you fell all of mine
on that lifeless extravagant wood
you drank beer and wine

you changed the color of air
you dammed and damned the seas
you chased birds and butterflies
for mosquitoes flies and fleas

i stand here all alone
imploring you to relent
as you dig out soil from under my root
to replace it with cement

in the name of development
bombs are what you make
your greed is clear vulgar
your words hollow and fake

stop it, for once and for all
take only what's your share
or doom will await you
you won't live to care

just what makes you do this?
what's the goal you will meet?
when all is spurned and wasted
what on earth will you eat?

learn to draw the line
between lust and genuine quest
beware of Nature's wrath
because Nature knows the best.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूँ

कुछ ऐसे छूया है तेरे प्यार ने
कि संभाले न संभालती हूँ
गली-गली, शहर-शहर
तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूँ

तलाश नहीं किसी जश्न की
बारिश कि ताल पर थिरकती हूँ
हर मौसम में हर मिजाज़ में
तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूँ

न पूछ मेरी दीवानगी का सबब
तू वो खुदा है जिसपर मरती हूँ
सोते-जागते, उठते-बैठते
तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूँ

तो क्या गर पायी न तुझे
तेरी याद में रोज़ संवरती हूँ
हँसती -खेलती, नाचती-गाती
तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूँ

तेरा साथ न मिल पाया तो क्या
तेरे हिज्र से गुज़र करती हूं
तेरे ख्यालों की चादर पहनकर
तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूं

फर्क मिट गए हैं मुझमें और तुझमें
ज़माने से अब न डरती हूं
गुजारिशों-तलब को पीछे छोड़
तेरी मीरा बनी फिरती हूं

एक शुभचिंतक द्वारा सुझाया हुआ:

जीवन सागर की गहराइयों

के भंवर में नित घिरती हूँ

प्रीत सीपों की तलाश में

तेरी मीरा बनी फिरिती हूँ...

Friday, November 12, 2010

my composure

The reason why i stay happy

the reason i don't complain

i'm hopeless beyond despair

i'm silenced beyond pain

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

पूरे चाँद से कहो, बुझ जाए
बहती नदी से कहो, थम जाए
झिलमिल बारिश से कहो, लौट जाए
सुहानी हवा से कहो, घर जाए
अपनी यादों से कहो, न आये
या मेरी मौत से कहो...आ जाए

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i miss myself

when a good friend asked me
how i was
my world stopped for a moment
life came to a pause

memories raced back
to when you were with me
bliss ran in my blood
't was a life meant to be

i lost count on time
since you went away
in years i haven't talked
to myself a single day...

दूसरा प्यार

आज फिर पगली हवा ने
गुदगुदाया है मुझे
आज फिर न चाहते हुए भी
वो याद आया है मुझे

मौसम बेहद सुहाना है
और मन बिलकुल अकेला
आँधियों की शोर में गूंजे है
वीरानियों का मेला

ऐसे में मैं आज
पुकारती हूँ तुझे
अब तेरा ही आश्रय है
समा ले बाहों में मुझे

प्यार से फटता कलेजा
आ तुझपे वार देती हूँ
बेजान पड़े सपनों को
तेरी झोली डार देती हूँ

आज फिर कोरे कागज़ पर
दिल से भरती हूँ स्याही
तेरे सहारे चलती है, ऐ 'कविता'
एक ज़िन्दगी अनब्याही

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An ode to the unemployed

I could be a swindler or a cheat
a thug or a hussy
I could be nasty and biased
unfair and fussy

I could fleece the skin off you
and damn you with usury
without further subjecting you
to all-mightiness of the JUDICIARY

I’m mean enough to cross all limits
like a wolf I cry, like a lamb I dress
my best knavery falls way too behind
when compared with the impostor called PRESS

I’m a gone case, I admit
but I’ve never killed a single person
my designs are petty and amateur

I let people live in their own way
my ideals, I don’t shove or push
I could be a liar – phoney and sly
But fade in comparison to GEORGE BUSH

I strip not people of their life-long savings
no irreversible damage, no rancour
I’m nothing but a trifling little thief
and not a behemoth BANKER

I stay clear of the innocent
I don’t grind them to their knees
I posses none of the ruthlessness
as that of the corrupt POLICE

I could be blunt, but I like it this way
better than always whitening the tar
taking folks for a ride, every now & then
like a thoroughbred professional of PR

Disillusioned I am of state’s institutions
betrayed, disgraced and annoyed
but still better than being on the other side
I’d rather stay harmless & unemployed.


It’s not that I resist
just to stand out
it’s for a deeper reason
that I deny and flout

I refuse to follow ideas
that cross terms with reason
I don’t care if you’d charge me
with blasphemy or treason

I’m a bohemian, a vagabond
a dreamer to the core
I glide with my senses
with my mind I soar

in a far-off land I live
away from conventions’ rot
u could fetter my body;
not colonise my thought

my stories could be small
my value trifling
but freedom is my partner
and bliss my sibling

I won’t toe the line
and I will not conform
am here to appease none
but beget my own norm

Custodians, beware!
a rebel has risen in me
to cause a wave of change
that centuries will live to see.

Friday, October 8, 2010

come to me

Like a feather on a wave
i float by my days
everything is a blur
every emotion a haze

please break the silence
let not the emptiness persist
hurt me, better still
tell me i still exist


Through the wilderness and forest
everyday i run
all night and day
past the moon and sun

i run to ward it off
to get rid of it someday
but it haunts as it follows
it's hell bent to stay

it lurks in the corners
it springs up in the face
holds a sweetened knife
stalks with quickened pace

i implore it to let go
"please set me free"
it's a parasite, doesn't listen
it sucks its life from me

i could peel it off my skin
or burn it or throw away
if only i could touch it
or make it do as i say

but HOPE is a hopeless thing
a shadow that never leaves
it thrives on despair
never heals, only grieves.

Monday, October 4, 2010

tantalising nature

Nature is playing a cruel game

when steeped in his arms,

i prayed you to rain

but all you lashed

was wind in vain

now i stare

lone and slain

and now you shower

time and again

wounds get wet

deepening the pain

nature is playing a cruel game

Monday, September 27, 2010

my Stud!

Telepathy must be your food
the way you guess my mood

Time must be in your sway
the way you predict my way

Miracle must be your find
the way you read my mind

your exactness is like a nerd
when you spell out my next word

without a gesture or a talk
you figure me out by my walk

I must be flowing in your every vein
for our chemistry to be - this insane

I must be a part of your bones and blood
how else could you become, my know-all stud?!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aisha - setting benchmark in mindless cinema

What happens when a bundle of young girls meet together? Do they talk normally about their lives and their experiences? No. Do they become friends whose relationship is founded on the basics of trust and support? No. Do they discuss their lives’ goals and ambitions? No. Why? Because they hardly have anything like ambition, except fixing marriages – for themselves and others. Because going shopping is the only intellectual pursuit that they have ever known. Because bitching-behind-the-back and making-fun-of-behenjis is their regular preoccupation. Because girls’ creativity is limited to their mastery at cosmetics.

So, pick up a girl (thin as a willow), dress her up, doll her up, addle her brains (if any) with dates and marriages, don’t let her sniff sense – and you get an ideal woman. This is what the movie AISHA tries to prove. Even Jane Austen’s heroines are better than this. At least, they talk well.

That this movie has bagged as many as four stars from reviewers of Times of India (Nikhat Khazmi…yes, she too) and rediff…is a substantiation of how media is sold out. These are the kind of media which dole out for the likes of ‘Well done Abba’ and ‘A Wednesday’, as many as three stars (god bless PR budget in these times). Aisha, both the movie and eponymous character, are as shallow as it can get. Storyline is predictable like snow in Siberia. Dialogues are written from the bed. Cinematography gets so regular, it might as well have been a TV soap. Performances are…umm…let’s go one by one. The lead character, Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) plays the lead only because her dad got her an easy entry in Bollywood. Pinky (Ira Dubey) quite sports the character she plays…she really looks like a ‘Guldastaa’! Randhir (Cyrus Sahukar) gets relegated to the jackass’ role, which he enacts in true blood. Arjun (Abhay Deol)…well, is he the same guy who did Dev D and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye? If yes, what the @#$%^&* hell is he doing here?!

But the prize catch among the actors is the small-town girl Shefali (Amrita Puri). She acts like this gullible yearning-to-marry little thing, evoking real sorrow and pity. Aisha’s dad in the movie (MK Raina) is a fawning father who cracks the best joke in the movie. He calls Aisha ‘intelligent’. Beat that! Whatever little weight the movie carries in the form of Abhay Deol, gets washed out when he himself proposes to Aisha. And the only good song in the movie – gal mitthi mitthi bol – comes at the fag end, making the wait worthless.

All in all, the movie sets new benchmark in mindless cinema. It is an insult to all sensible girls. It gives the word ‘crap’ a whole new dimension. It stretches the limits of audience forbearance in a two-hour mental torture. The worst part is (now hold your heart) – that the makers of this girl-derogatory movie - Director Rajshree Ojha and writer Devika Bhagat, are women themselves. Which makes it not just crappy, but tragic.

My saving grace was that I went to watch the movie with my brothers, whose active comments kept me sane. They felt, Aisha was making a capital C of not just Shefali, but the entire audience. And in one of the scenes, where Aisha is shown sobbing in front of her home-library, my brother summed it up:

“अगर तूने इनमे से पांच किताबें भी पढ़ी होती, तो आज तेरी ये हालत ना होती”.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Many i saw, in this big world

people nice, good and true

friends and others, each one special

but none as complete as YOU.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dwarka, Delhi: Where life is a Game

Today morning. She was a girl of my age, my height, my built. She was going to office just like I was. She took the same road as I do. She was just another ordinary girl walking alone on the streets of Delhi’s largest sub-city – Dwarka. Just one difference – she was wearing a gold chain around her neck. I wasn’t.

She must have been some twenty steps behind me, which is why I didn’t notice her. I had almost approached my bus stop when I heard a woman shout. I immediately turned. What I saw was a matter of a few fleeting seconds…astounding in its audacity. Unbelievable in its sheer violence. I saw a man towering over a screeching girl. Beside them, I saw a scooter with another man in the driver’s seat. Both were wearing helmets. The girl seemed to be fighting with the man and shouting at the same time. In no time, the man slapped her face…right left and centre…then pushed her back. At that moment, what came in my mind was a series of incoherent words…
Domestic violence
Family vendetta
Unrequited love

And then wait, did I see a gun? Yes I did. They were two pistol toting brutes against one single unarmed regular girl. My feet froze. Before anyone could make any sense of it, he was perched on the backseat of the scooter, and vroom…they went out of sight. It is only when the girl started rubbing her neck hysterically and shouting my chain my chain…did I realize that it was a case of not violence or vendetta, but chain snatching. I ran towards the girl. She had not suffered any major injuries. But the look that I saw in her face…I could not read or sleep in my bus journey today. And at work, I can’t concentrate. Her face comes alive. Hands trembling with fear. Eyes dilated with disbelief. Cheeks throbbing with horror. It was the look of a person who had just seen death. It was exactly the feeling that the criminals had wanted to plant – Terror.
I had heard chain snatching was common in Dwarka. But seeing is different from hearing. I actually witnessed the magnitude of lawlessness. How any random person can strike in your face in a busy morning. How he can snatch your chain, or mar your dignity, or may be even murder you…and you can do nothing but cry in horror or watch in disgust. In fact, as I figured later, the two men had not disappeared out of sight. They had gone straight, taken a U-turn, and then the main road for their escape. They might as well have pissed on the face of Delhi Police.

As I sat in my bus, I felt my blood boiling with anger. It was not the girl’s loss of a gold chain that bothered me. No. It was the psychology of fear that had enveloped me. The proven impotence of good against the bad. The abject helplessness of non-violence. I just sat in the bus rubbing my hands and gritting my teeth. I went over and over the scene…hoping that it had gone differently. I wanted to reverse the events of the day.

Alternative 1: Wanted that girl to punch the rogues in their face. Hit them in their gut, so that they never try that daredevilry on others.
Alternative 2: Imagined the girl (or myself) take out a stunner from our bags/ or even a laal mirchi powder, and throw it right into their eyes. I’d have been more than happy to blind them. Sometimes I’m driven to think, that the inhuman punishments that victims are dealt with in the Arab countries, like cutting hands for theft…are maybe right. Maybe they serve the purpose.
Alternative 3: Imagined myself charging at the attackers with a deafening roar. Imagined other on-lookers joining me in the act and the public beating those two criminals to pulp.
Alternative 4: Imagined the Delhi Police swinging into action…beating the thugs hands down, and returning the girl’s lost chain with a smile. And may be even a post script – with you, for you, always.

But life does not have an Undo button. And all I could do, was sit there, and drink my tears of impotence. What did she do to deserve this? Do people living in Dwarka not pay their taxes? Then why aren’t we protected? The constitution gives me a right to my body (remember habeas corpus?), then who are these bloody militants to snatch my rights from me? Why should I be made to shout for what’s my due? What are the Police waiting for? Murder/ rape/ massacre…what? Anyone who lives in Dwarka knows that this is not a one-off incident. Dwarka is a haven for criminals. Laptops are stolen from the hands of office-goers waiting outside their apartments for their cabs. Phones are stolen from women walking on roads or traveling in rickshaws. Cash is snatched from people stepping out of banks. Bags and suitcases are taken at gunpoint from people going to or returning from metro stations.

Just what kind of a society are we living in? Barbaric? Animal kingdom? Till when do we wait for law and order to restore? How many more to get robbed? How many more to get slapped and kicked? And WHY? Because our state is busy celebrating the oncoming sports festivals…because as people are getting humiliated on the streets of delhi, the sarkaar has busied itself with beautifying tiles and renovating monuments. What an intelligent allocation of resources. Marvellous.

Someone please explain to Ms Shiela Dikshit and others, that for common people like us, there’s much more to life than games.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


तेरे इंतज़ार ने...
दौड़ते लम्हों को
थमना सिखा दिया
बढ़ती ख्वाहिशों को
कमना सिखा दिया
घनी तन्हाई को
बोलना सिखा दिया
हिम्मत और दम को
डोलना सिखा दिया
दर्द की गहराइयों को
हँसना सिखा दिया
ख़ुशी की बौछार को भी
डसना सिखा दिया
सपनों को भी आंसूं
पीना सिखा दिया
कुछ भी कहो
जीना सिखा दिया.

इतने जिद्दी हो,

मेरे दिल की चाभी लिए, दस बहाने देते हो,

न खुद ही आते हो, न किसी और को आने देते हो ...

Friday, June 25, 2010

कभी कभी कुछ

कभी नंगे पाँव
गीली घास पर चल लेती हूँ
कभी बालों को बिखेर
भरी बरसात में टहल लेती हूँ
कभी चाँदनी रात में
छत पे बैठे कुछ गा लेती हूँ
कभी राह चलते
अनजाने बच्चों में बाहें उलझा लेती हूँ
कभी बाथरूम के अन्दर
बिलख-बिलख कर रो लेती हूँ
कभी अपनी माँ के साथ
चिपककर सो लेती हूँ
कभी किसी किताब को
चंद घंटों में पढ़ लेती हूँ
कभी कोरे कागज़ पर
सपनों का जहां गढ़ लेती हूँ
कभी दोस्तों के साथ
ठहाकी हंसी हंस लेती हूँ
कभी बहते घावों पर
बेजान पट्टी कस लेती हूँ

पर चाहे कुछ भी कर लूं मैं
तू याद हर वक़्त आता है
बहानों की लगाम छुडाकर दिल
तेरे पीछे ही जाता है

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

वो तुम थे क्या?

निकली थी धूप में
पर कुछ दिखाई न दिया
बचपना कुछ ऐसा था
नादानी कुछ इतनी थी
की खुद से दूर चलती गयी
अनजानी राहों में घुलती गयी
मन ने टोका तो बहुत
रूह ने रोका तो बहुत
पर कुछ सुनाई न दिया

चकाचौंध से धुंधले थे नयन
झूठे आसरों से भ्रमित था मन
फिर मौसम एकाएक बदला
खुल गए ज़हन के सारे द्वार
आज़ाद हुई आत्मा, फूटा ज्वार

वो तुम थे , या था कोई इश्वर
जो सौंप गया मुझे मेरा अस्तित्व
किया मेरी प्रथिभओं को प्रखर

जब छोटी थी, सोचा था लिखूंगी
प्यार में भी पडूँगी, एक दिन खिलूंगी
बड़ी होकर, मैं यूं नाचूंगी
पोथियाँ, ग्रन्थ, सब दे बाचूंगी
फिर पता नहीं कब,
टूटा समय पर बस
शब्दों को लीं, बड़ियों ने कस

फिर बातों बातों में, तुम्हें भी सुना
खुली आँखों से, एक सपना बुना
वो तुम थे, या था मेरा आत्मविश्वास
बो गया जो बीज प्रेम के
फिर जिलाई मुझमें, जीने की आस

वो तुम थे या थी इक पागल हवा
इलाज कर दे हर मर्ज़ का, इक ऐसी दवा
वो तुम थे या था कोई गुरु
चरणों में जिसके सिमटे जहां, और वहीँ से हो शुरू
वो तुम थे या था जीवन का प्यार
हर आगामी संघर्ष के लिए, जो कर गया मुझे तैयार
वो तुम थे या था मेरा ही अहम्
वो तुम थे या था मेरा ही करम
वो तुम थे या था मेरा ही धरम

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pick up a fight

So easy it is
to sit back and watch
than sweat it out
& climb up a notch
life is a thrill
don’t take it too light
search for a reason
and pick up a fight

there always exist
your hidden calling
where you tread & toil
and don’t mind falling
the road could be tough
but if the goal is in sight
get charging again
and pick up a fight

naysayers are galore
to pull you down
to snub your ideas
and see you frown
trust your instincts
do what’s your right
before they get to you
pick up a fight

for every battle won
life has a price
not all wishes are granted
nor is pleasant every surprise
but when darkness looms large
and haunting is the night
wait till it’s dawn
and pick up a fight.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm all yours

Do not hesitate, come to me
when you’re tired after a full day’s chores
relax in my arms, sleep in my lap
stay wherever, I’m all yours

When you need support, I’ll cheer for you
when you need love, sink in my pores
play on my lips, eat from my cheeks
stay wherever, I’m all yours

I’ll take your hand, walk with you
when the going is tough, rough and coarse
drink from my palms, crawl under my skin
stay wherever, I’m all yours

Fight with you, then yield to you
giving no threat, using no force
live in my dream, breathe in my hair
stay wherever, I’m all yours

my every hope, my every prayer
comes from you, you’re my source
from head to toe – nothing is mine
stay wherever, I’m all yours

My rain girl

I grip the handles of my seat
Shivers my skin, tightens my chest
The sound of rain and smell of earth
Creates in me, a sweet unrest

A drop and two
And gently it begins
Your laughter your gait
Memories flood within

You’d look back and smile
And pull up your skirt
Barefoot on the grass
Giggly and pert

Everytime it thundered
You’d cry out aloud
And throw open your arms
Embracing the cloud

Your trembling wet lips
Would kiss the flowers
breathe in its fragrance
all drenched in the shower

You’d pull me in rain
And dance with joy
And awaken my child in me
Like a naughty little toy

Among everything you brought
Into my day
Besides love and warmth
Was rain and play

Like a child you filled
My life with bliss
Passionate was your love
Intoxicating you kiss

I seldom doubted myself
Before you believed in me
Appreciation, beauty and love
You made my eyes see

Today it rained again
And my heart longed for you
To touch your wet fingers
And see your smile anew

Years have passed by
And im ageing, that’s a truth
But your love has sown in me
An invincible youth.

मर कर जी जाने दे

प्यार से मेरा आँचल, आज भर जाने दे

अपनी बाहों में समा ले, और मर जाने दे...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

that's me

people who laugh a lot

who help and care and share

are loved and sought by all

for they're lively and so very rare

they sing aloud in the autumn

and dance with mirth in the rain

and so perfectly do they manage to hide

their own dark world of pain

(inspired by sher: वो हमसे पूछते हैं, हम इतना क्यों हँसते-हंसाते हैं, अरे उन्हें क्या पता, हम अपनी हंसी में अपना दर्द छुपाते हैं..)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Benign Cruelty

without looking my way
you do as you please
i find no words to say
before your indifferent ease

when tears roll down
making my heart shatter
surprised, you ask
'what's the matter?'

तेरी याद

मैं तो मिट ही चली थी जब
सुर्ख लहू में जैसे आग समाई
मार के भी न मरने दिया तूने
हाय! तेरी याद फिर आई
हाय! तेरी याद फिर आई...

come back

'I'll come back baby'
you said as you left
i've been watching the road
as my heart gets cleft

i've not given up hope
losing is not my knack
tied to end of rope
counting till you come back

a poem

what is a poem
but a wrung of anguish
the sound of hope
broken in a thud
the cry of a soul
inked in blood

उफ़ ये सावन

तुम तो चले गए
पर वो फिजायें न गयीं

दिल को गुदगुदा दे
वो ठंडी हवा आज भी बहती है
पेड़ पर बैठी पगली कोयल
प्यार से कुछ आज भी कहती है
गीली मिटटी की सौंधी खुशबू
आज भी बहकाती है
ठिठुरते तन को बारिश की बूँदें
आज भी सहलाती हैं
पुराने गानों की वो जानी-सी धुन
आज भी सुनाई देती है
वो घर, बगीचे, दुकानें
आज भी दिखाई देती हैं

तुम तो चले गए
पर सावन लौट आया है

अब हवाएं सहलाती नहीं,
तडपाती हैं
बारिश की बूँदें
बदन में छेद कर जाती हैं
जो मन छलांगे भरता था
अब दबता सा जाता है
जहां एक पल खाली न था
अब खालीपन से भरा जाता है

एक टूटे दिल के लिए
क्या बरसात और क्या नजाकत है
सच पूछो मुझे तुमसे नहीं
इस मौसम से शिकायत है...

thanks for coming

The mask is off
and the dust has settled
curtains are drawn
and no one's nettled

it's time i come out
and convey you my thank
in words, not bout
clear and frank

for all the hurt
and my vainful yearn
invaluable lessons
you made me learn

thank you for not being there
when i called you in need
and not considering it worth
to pay any heed
now i know fully
the meaning of care
and value those people
who've always been there

thank you for dishing out
those misleading lies
i know like never before
what each word implies
i know for a bond
how damaging lies can be
and the meaning of trust
i can now clearly see

thank you for never understanding
what my tears said
i've seen enough meanness
and how dependence is bred
i know very well
happiness is found within
in peace and in love
not in fight and din

thank you for everything
that you were not
i know what i now want
is not i once sought.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ये जीवन जीने के लिए है

माना हर उम्मीद की कली
समय समय पर नहीं फूली
और फूल जो खिल आये भी
खारों से सजे हुए हैं
पर उन कच्चे फूलों में भी
सुगंध, रंग और रास है
बाग़ लहराते हैं, मधुबन सौंदर्य के लिए है
ये जो जीवन है, ये जीने के लिए है

हर मोड़ के इम्तेहान में
कहाँ कोई निकल पाया है
प्यार को ही देख लें
एक मंडराता साया है
फिर भी जश्न हैं
रिश्ते और नाते हैं
ये खुशियाँ, ये संगम, रस पीने के लिए हैं
ये जो जीवन है, ये जीने के लिए है

एक मकाम पर
हर शख्स ठहरा है
दर्द में दिल, लकीरों में चेहरा है
तब भी नयी सोच, नयी मंजिल, नया सृजन है
ये ख़ुशी और सपनों के धागे, चोटों को सीने के लिए हैं
ये जो जीवन है, ये जीने के लिए है..

Friday, April 30, 2010

दिल जो टूटा हमारा

उम्मीद भी हिम्मत नहीं करती है

ख्वाहिश क्या जागेगी दुबारा

जब तम्मानाएं भी सच होने से डरती हैं

when you are with me

When you are with me
everyday is a joy
even a simple debate
is a word-i-licious ploy
the body doesn't tire
spirit feels free
passion burns in a fire
when you are with me

When you are with me
everyday has a meaning
mundane comes alive
finer's every feeling
mind's a clear sprakle
words deeper than sea
soul's in seventh heaven
when you are with me

When you are with me
i'm such a better human
i'm positive i'm fair
full of genuine care
colors become colorful
greener is every tree
moments get intensity
when you are with me

Thursday, April 29, 2010

'think' about love?

my friend suggested : think about him.
And i thought, if i have to 'think', it isn't love...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tree against the deep blue sky
its branches bare, tall & gaunt
amidst the green and frozen winds
bravely fighting loneliness' haunt

Saturday, April 24, 2010

तुमसे मिलने को दिल करता है

यूं तो मेरा पागल दिल, किसी और पर ही मरता है

फिर मैं न जानूं क्यों हर दिन, तुमसे मिलने को दिल करता है

इस बड़ी सयानी दुनिया में, जहां एक शख्स भी न ठहरता है,

वहाँ पलके बिछाए इंतज़ार में, तुमसे मिलने को दिल करता है

वैसे तो सपनों का नगर, कभी संवरता कभी बिखरता है

खुश रहूँ या बेहद गुमसुम, तुमसे मिलने को दिल करता है

आने वाले कल की सोच, सचमुच मन भीतर डरता है

पर बीती यादों की चादर तले, तुमसे मिलने को दिल करता है..

उजड़े मन की बगिया में, सपनों का राख लहरता है

लाख मनाऊँ दिल को मगर, तुमसे मिलने को दिल करता है...

दुःख तो अपना साथी है..

There's no hurt so big

that forever i'll grieve

nor for a lost love

will i stop to live

I'll grow laugh and love

my heart won't rend

pain doesn't threaten me

i've made it my friend

Friday, April 23, 2010


When life brought you
i was fresh as spring
happy with the things
i would dance and sing

as time went by
in you i found
an echoing similarity
my soul's own sound

my queen-like-doll
is how you'd call me
a new world of dreams
thru' your eyes i'd see

stuck like glue
we'd always hang around
immeasurably in love
our hearts were bound

I knew it'd come
to the point of calling
since time's the boss
our test came rolling

i gave my hand
into yours with trust
i was ready for the fight
since you came first

but the first blow came
you tore yourself away
leaving me alone
you never saw my way

i kept trying again
in hope that i'd revive
your love for me
come back in your life

then came your excuses
some pretence some sham
in your life i was but
a mere flotsam

तुम न आए

वो मौसम जिसमे मिले थे हम
प्यार में की थीं दूरियां कम
दिन महीने साल बीते
आहें भरते आंसूं पीते
सर्द हवा में विरह सताए
सब यादें आई, पर तुम न आये

वही बारिश जिसमे भीगे थे तन
वो बातें जिनसे मिले थे मन
भर्रायी आवाज़ में निकले थे बोल
बाँध टूटा था मन को खोल
जीने के थे कितने बहाने पाए
वो वजहें धुंधलाई, पर तुम न आए

वादों की डोर से न बंधा है कोई
सिसकने को अब न कंधा है कोई
वो नोंक-झोंक, वो मस्ती की हंसी
वो कोमल स्पर्श, मानो ज़हन में बसी,
वो महकें, वो जगहें, वो सपने फिर आए
उम्मीदें उमड़ आयीं, पर तुम न आए

Thursday, April 22, 2010


like a bird for its nest
and fly for nectar
like a sanyaasi's quest
no worse no better

like a river for sea
and dog for owner
like a killer for gun
and silence for loner

my skin burns
at the thought of you
and races my pulse
till world turns blue

with feelings bare
and nakedly true
like a lioness of love
i desire you

my days float by

Without you, there's no song
no notion of right or wrong
it's strange, i can't even cry
before i know, my day floats by...

your face sits pretty in my soul
every morning your memories unroll
birds don't soar, spirits don't fly
before i know, my day floats by...

some questions haunt, without a clue
some dreams some hopes deep in blue
on lost earth, under hazy sky,
before i know, my day floats by...

cycle of wait

When we try to move on,
they throw us a bait
When we latch on to it,
they ask us to wait

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why not Why?

A question most dreaded
for one who wants others to comply
who detests freedom, loathes liberty
is the question called ‘why’

It’s made the thinkers think
it’s made the shy try
it’s made the doer do
it’s emboldened spines to reply

It’s unsettled the elite
and insulted the sly
stirred the underdog
winged ideas to fly

So, unturn given answers
look beyond the sky
eternally let this fire burn
that makes you ask ‘why’

Saturday, April 17, 2010

as you go

A restlessness grips
And the pulse goes slow
as distances widen
As you go

Grazed to the bone
I’m empty I know
I’m dying within
As you go

I wish I could beg
In my heart I’d show
It’s a dead end for me
As you go

Friday, April 16, 2010

How i loved you..

how i loved you..
i laid bare my soul 'n heart
gave my life a whole new start
my trust grew deep, my temper sweet
more of life in every beat
living full throttle
sticking like glue
that's how i loved you

How i loved you..
i was but a naughty child
a flower growing in the wild
and then you came and when you spoke
i closed my eyes, within i woke
ideas stirred ambitions swirled
a new light flooded my world
like never before i earnestly grew
that's how i loved you

How i loved you
i used to think i knew love
which was but an illusionary bluff
love is worship, love is prayer
mind-in-soul, a feast very rare
it liberates, it heals
heart-to-action, it seals
it transformed me into a new version
stabler and abler, a better person
smooth sail or a rough ride
i have in you a humble pride
now you're gone and friends are few
but romance with life goes on like new
that's how i loved you..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

दिल से हारी

पाओगे भी न मुझको पाकर

न कर पाऊँगी तुमसे प्यार

मेरी आत्मा बसती है मुझसे बाहर

मैं खुद हूँ अपने दिल का शिकार

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

अब मैं क्या कहूं..

के जवाब ही न दे पाऊँ

मत पूछ सवाल ऐसे

दिल ज़र्रों में रोता है

बात बताऊँ भी तो कैसे..

for a half-relationship

I share with you
a bond very true
friendship and care
& a chemistry damn rare
A feeling that's vice
but equally nice
A hunger untamed
& a relationship unnamed