Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My rain girl

I grip the handles of my seat
Shivers my skin, tightens my chest
The sound of rain and smell of earth
Creates in me, a sweet unrest

A drop and two
And gently it begins
Your laughter your gait
Memories flood within

You’d look back and smile
And pull up your skirt
Barefoot on the grass
Giggly and pert

Everytime it thundered
You’d cry out aloud
And throw open your arms
Embracing the cloud

Your trembling wet lips
Would kiss the flowers
breathe in its fragrance
all drenched in the shower

You’d pull me in rain
And dance with joy
And awaken my child in me
Like a naughty little toy

Among everything you brought
Into my day
Besides love and warmth
Was rain and play

Like a child you filled
My life with bliss
Passionate was your love
Intoxicating you kiss

I seldom doubted myself
Before you believed in me
Appreciation, beauty and love
You made my eyes see

Today it rained again
And my heart longed for you
To touch your wet fingers
And see your smile anew

Years have passed by
And im ageing, that’s a truth
But your love has sown in me
An invincible youth.

1 comment:

  1. Haven't read a more beautiful poem on rain ever. You are amazing Sonal.