Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pick up a fight

So easy it is
to sit back and watch
than sweat it out
& climb up a notch
life is a thrill
don’t take it too light
search for a reason
and pick up a fight

there always exist
your hidden calling
where you tread & toil
and don’t mind falling
the road could be tough
but if the goal is in sight
get charging again
and pick up a fight

naysayers are galore
to pull you down
to snub your ideas
and see you frown
trust your instincts
do what’s your right
before they get to you
pick up a fight

for every battle won
life has a price
not all wishes are granted
nor is pleasant every surprise
but when darkness looms large
and haunting is the night
wait till it’s dawn
and pick up a fight.

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