Friday, June 22, 2012

leaf of hope

hope is a pale dry leaf
fallen off an autumn tree
tied to the heart with a thread
restless, tireless, and free

at the slightest hint it leaps
wakes up with a happy start
celebrating, dancing, rejoicing
in joys that do not last

time's gloomy winds
bring it back to earth
it still waits and holds out
shaken, but never shattered

lying soggy in the storm
staring longingly in the blue
that leaf of hope of mine
dies daily...and is born anew

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


in the curtained shadows of your room
with loving, languorous fingers
you wrote our tale of love
on my body, sending down shivers

gaseous is my existence ever since
i survive in those places alone
sinuous paths that your hands chose
every stoppage, a milestone

in those tracks, i live and thrive
now in slumber, now in spasm
memories surround me, in every detail
not a single chink, nor any chasm

your eyes follow me, your breath on my face
your being stalks me wherever i go
tufts of your hair still caught in my clutch
i smell you everywhere, i love you so 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chocolate boy

Oh! Chocolate boy
just why do you run
for watching you do that
is so much fun!

clutching your shirt pocket
in a perpetual state of hurry
dodging traffic, speeding past
like a squirrel on a spree!

all your hair in a mess
bobbing up and down
your face a study in focus
and taut in a pleasant frown..

not until you settled
did you give out that smile
distracting me forever
lighting up my miles..

like a waif, my eyes now search
those roads 'n places, for your face
Oh! Chocolate boy, did you run away?
please do show up, my breath's losing pace..

look how even skies understand
how i can't cry despite this pain
just so i can hide my tears in drops
clouds became my eyes, and started to rain.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


fresh spring of pain
between love and longing
since i saw you again

world’s a loud silence
I’m floating in your thoughts
shaken off the balance

it had to be fate
for INTENSE was my need
to meet my mate

a half laugh, a half cry
is a wringed heart’s response
to life’s how and why

my mind in your rein
emotions throttle me
since I saw you again

Monday, June 11, 2012


  ii          it's twilight
and the air is thick
with the scent of magnolia trees
we lie
entwined among shadows
clothes flapping, caught in breeze

it's raining
a musical pitter-patter
blazing roads gurgle with delight
running recklessly
laughing raucously
we're engrossed in a loving fight

it's summer
relentlessly hot
sapped of life, short of breath
caressing with cool fingers
we soak up each other's sweat

dewy dawn
birds calling out
blast of orange, the sky is ablaze
in throes of love
bodies melting in our passionate embrace

your presence to me
is a permanent background
like the smell of one's own body
like the hues of one's home
your entire being stays in my eyes
i'm absorbed in you, like honey in foam

there's nothing i eat
no sight i see
no breath i take
no time of glee
when i'm not immersed, deep and true
in moods 'n emotions, laden with you

in sight, touch, thought and sound
you and you alone, make up my background