Monday, June 11, 2012


  ii          it's twilight
and the air is thick
with the scent of magnolia trees
we lie
entwined among shadows
clothes flapping, caught in breeze

it's raining
a musical pitter-patter
blazing roads gurgle with delight
running recklessly
laughing raucously
we're engrossed in a loving fight

it's summer
relentlessly hot
sapped of life, short of breath
caressing with cool fingers
we soak up each other's sweat

dewy dawn
birds calling out
blast of orange, the sky is ablaze
in throes of love
bodies melting in our passionate embrace

your presence to me
is a permanent background
like the smell of one's own body
like the hues of one's home
your entire being stays in my eyes
i'm absorbed in you, like honey in foam

there's nothing i eat
no sight i see
no breath i take
no time of glee
when i'm not immersed, deep and true
in moods 'n emotions, laden with you

in sight, touch, thought and sound
you and you alone, make up my background

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  1. Love this romantic write which is full of beautiful imagery.