Monday, June 18, 2012

Chocolate boy

Oh! Chocolate boy
just why do you run
for watching you do that
is so much fun!

clutching your shirt pocket
in a perpetual state of hurry
dodging traffic, speeding past
like a squirrel on a spree!

all your hair in a mess
bobbing up and down
your face a study in focus
and taut in a pleasant frown..

not until you settled
did you give out that smile
distracting me forever
lighting up my miles..

like a waif, my eyes now search
those roads 'n places, for your face
Oh! Chocolate boy, did you run away?
please do show up, my breath's losing pace..

look how even skies understand
how i can't cry despite this pain
just so i can hide my tears in drops
clouds became my eyes, and started to rain.


  1. Good one with nice flow and rhyming!Enjoyed.

  2. thanks, but i thought you'd like me to break out of rhymes?
    The last lines of this poem are inspired by a shayari:
    "shayad koi khwahish roti rehti hai,
    mere andar baarish hoti rehti hai"

  3. there are some interesting forms in English poetry such as Acrostic,Etheree,Cinquin etc.You can try these forms for a change.In rhyming also there are different forms such as Quintain,Dizain.You can try those.......