Tuesday, June 19, 2012


in the curtained shadows of your room
with loving, languorous fingers
you wrote our tale of love
on my body, sending down shivers

gaseous is my existence ever since
i survive in those places alone
sinuous paths that your hands chose
every stoppage, a milestone

in those tracks, i live and thrive
now in slumber, now in spasm
memories surround me, in every detail
not a single chink, nor any chasm

your eyes follow me, your breath on my face
your being stalks me wherever i go
tufts of your hair still caught in my clutch
i smell you everywhere, i love you so 


  1. Amazing...
    on my bare back/following your finger's turn/I guessed it's L O V E.

  2. ah, thanks. There sure is a pleasure in being read.