Saturday, May 8, 2010

thanks for coming

The mask is off
and the dust has settled
curtains are drawn
and no one's nettled

it's time i come out
and convey you my thank
in words, not bout
clear and frank

for all the hurt
and my vainful yearn
invaluable lessons
you made me learn

thank you for not being there
when i called you in need
and not considering it worth
to pay any heed
now i know fully
the meaning of care
and value those people
who've always been there

thank you for dishing out
those misleading lies
i know like never before
what each word implies
i know for a bond
how damaging lies can be
and the meaning of trust
i can now clearly see

thank you for never understanding
what my tears said
i've seen enough meanness
and how dependence is bred
i know very well
happiness is found within
in peace and in love
not in fight and din

thank you for everything
that you were not
i know what i now want
is not i once sought.

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