Sunday, May 9, 2010

that's me

people who laugh a lot

who help and care and share

are loved and sought by all

for they're lively and so very rare

they sing aloud in the autumn

and dance with mirth in the rain

and so perfectly do they manage to hide

their own dark world of pain

(inspired by sher: वो हमसे पूछते हैं, हम इतना क्यों हँसते-हंसाते हैं, अरे उन्हें क्या पता, हम अपनी हंसी में अपना दर्द छुपाते हैं..)


  1. or is it inspired by Jagjeet Singh's Gazal
    "tum itna jo muskura rahe ho......
    .... Kya gum hai jo chupa rahe ho.....????"

  2. Memory turns to dust…

    As the sky looms above
    And the rain surrounds us
    We were there yesterday
    As the time would say

    As the journey was life
    I held your hand, to bring it alive
    Not aware what time had for me
    Was just an alone me

    I was shaking form my core within
    & choked my own words
    Surrounded by many, yet isolated and alone was me.

    As the rains drop from the pregnant cloud
    I wish u were here standing next to me
    Baby I still want to grow old with you. As it was always u & me

    We started taking again, but nothing new for me
    As I did it everyday for everything that concerned me….

    As the memory turns to dust..
    A new hope takes life, within me, just to die another life another me.