Saturday, May 8, 2010

come back

'I'll come back baby'
you said as you left
i've been watching the road
as my heart gets cleft

i've not given up hope
losing is not my knack
tied to end of rope
counting till you come back

1 comment:

  1. You were once HOME to me

    A life with memory was more than adding years to me…
    With everything in place as it should, you meant home to me.

    I saw in mellowed reflection of life with u
    I’d give everything to get my years back with you

    How you make all my happiness, my days filled with you,
    & often I hear your voice when someone else talks & not u,

    I moved my gloomy dreariness, with one look of you
    Aah! the catch was it was just me & a superficial you

    Given a chance..I wouldn’t change much,
    Life without you is way less than a perfect us.

    I raped my ego for what you felt was right,
    Now I let go, easy on myself like a flying kite

    I must go on, with or without you
    Just that my shadow also craves for you

    Goodbye my love, may be we will meet again
    I don know what to say….baby you were HOME to me.. I repeat once again