Friday, April 23, 2010


When life brought you
i was fresh as spring
happy with the things
i would dance and sing

as time went by
in you i found
an echoing similarity
my soul's own sound

my queen-like-doll
is how you'd call me
a new world of dreams
thru' your eyes i'd see

stuck like glue
we'd always hang around
immeasurably in love
our hearts were bound

I knew it'd come
to the point of calling
since time's the boss
our test came rolling

i gave my hand
into yours with trust
i was ready for the fight
since you came first

but the first blow came
you tore yourself away
leaving me alone
you never saw my way

i kept trying again
in hope that i'd revive
your love for me
come back in your life

then came your excuses
some pretence some sham
in your life i was but
a mere flotsam

1 comment:

  1. whoever has the fork in hand...controls the meal of its choice.