Friday, April 16, 2010

How i loved you..

how i loved you..
i laid bare my soul 'n heart
gave my life a whole new start
my trust grew deep, my temper sweet
more of life in every beat
living full throttle
sticking like glue
that's how i loved you

How i loved you..
i was but a naughty child
a flower growing in the wild
and then you came and when you spoke
i closed my eyes, within i woke
ideas stirred ambitions swirled
a new light flooded my world
like never before i earnestly grew
that's how i loved you

How i loved you
i used to think i knew love
which was but an illusionary bluff
love is worship, love is prayer
mind-in-soul, a feast very rare
it liberates, it heals
heart-to-action, it seals
it transformed me into a new version
stabler and abler, a better person
smooth sail or a rough ride
i have in you a humble pride
now you're gone and friends are few
but romance with life goes on like new
that's how i loved you..

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