Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tree against the deep blue sky
its branches bare, tall & gaunt
amidst the green and frozen winds
bravely fighting loneliness' haunt


  1. " इन दुकानों में अब नहीं मिलते ,
    जिन खिलोनों से दिल बहल जाये ,
    इतना आदी अकेलेपन का हूँ ,
    अपनी मौजूदगी भी खल जाये "
    -------नोमान शौक़

  2. रूपम, तुमने तो जैसे जान ही ले ली...

  3. I Believe.....

    I believe
    I love you quite as deeply as I do;
    And yet I often fail to show the depth of it to you.

    I believe
    I will love you with all my heart,
    To have u forever - never to part..

    I believe
    A dream of perfect love for us, and hope that it will be;
    And yet I end up giving you a less than perfect me.

    I believe
    I cannot give perfection, but this I promise I will do
    I will spend my life time learning how to give my love to you.