Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story of a tree

My mother sowed my seed
under rich, supple earth
it shone and rained all day
to celebrate my birth

A huge family we were
resplendent, strong & green
animals used to woo us
and birds came home to preen

and then you came along
the men-strong and wise
you discovered our beauties
in ways gentle and nice

fruit flower fodder
you reaped us to the core
paper wax rubber
your knowledge grew more

all went hunky dory
till your feet was on ground
but things turned gory
as u went foul and proud

forgetting that other creatures
were fellow inheritors of earth
you used and abused them
all for private mirth

when your family grew
you fell all of mine
on that lifeless extravagant wood
you drank beer and wine

you changed the color of air
you dammed and damned the seas
you chased birds and butterflies
for mosquitoes flies and fleas

i stand here all alone
imploring you to relent
as you dig out soil from under my root
to replace it with cement

in the name of development
bombs are what you make
your greed is clear vulgar
your words hollow and fake

stop it, for once and for all
take only what's your share
or doom will await you
you won't live to care

just what makes you do this?
what's the goal you will meet?
when all is spurned and wasted
what on earth will you eat?

learn to draw the line
between lust and genuine quest
beware of Nature's wrath
because Nature knows the best.


  1. Sonal u beautifully penned down the feelings of a tree.It's a warning to the mankind.The accompanied picture is a real beauty.

  2. wonderful.simple yet powerful.loved it.

  3. Sonal, you have a great way with words...

  4. excellent one :-) u explained much just in a few words