Monday, October 4, 2010

tantalising nature

Nature is playing a cruel game

when steeped in his arms,

i prayed you to rain

but all you lashed

was wind in vain

now i stare

lone and slain

and now you shower

time and again

wounds get wet

deepening the pain

nature is playing a cruel game


  1. Nice lucid language.May I add

    Rain, rain, lashing rain,
    all over you but not to pain,
    but to hide your flowing tears,
    lonely lady can't you hear.....
    whispers in air,whispers in air..

    After the rain will be your turn,
    You will glow even brighter than Sun.

  2. Yeah,my first try in English.

  3. Thanks.All your poems are laced with pain or loneliness.Hope next time you will gift us a poem full of joy.

  4. While Revisiting your old archives and reading your gems I stopped here to read my 1st poem ever in English.A journey that started almost 1 year ago inspired by your poetry has covered a long distance...thanks for the inspiration Sonal.