Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It’s not that I resist
just to stand out
it’s for a deeper reason
that I deny and flout

I refuse to follow ideas
that cross terms with reason
I don’t care if you’d charge me
with blasphemy or treason

I’m a bohemian, a vagabond
a dreamer to the core
I glide with my senses
with my mind I soar

in a far-off land I live
away from conventions’ rot
u could fetter my body;
not colonise my thought

my stories could be small
my value trifling
but freedom is my partner
and bliss my sibling

I won’t toe the line
and I will not conform
am here to appease none
but beget my own norm

Custodians, beware!
a rebel has risen in me
to cause a wave of change
that centuries will live to see.


  1. Pardon me,
    in festive days
    we don't have time
    to sit beside you,
    to listen to or touch you,
    to feel your pulse
    Poetry,pardon me.