Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Wait

There's a shiver in my spine
something slips in my chest
my mouth is going dry
i can't relax or rest

my knees are a lil wobbly
& my stomach is making sounds
all i see is blur n haze
is it something i lost, or something i found?

i've always been impatient
to hide you in my soul
& now that you'll be here
i seem to have lost control!

thrill grips my limbs
as i hear the coming of my mate
toughest, maddest, longest
are the last few hours of wait.


  1. sonal, this a wonderful expression of your feelings & u have put them together in a fine way, but knowing my sense of humor, i am sure u wud not mind my expression to sum this up as *beta mann me laddu foota* :P
    on a serious note, u have managed to express the true feelings of that lady who is meeting her someone spl after a long wait. its very real.