Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I know you know girl

i know you feel
the weight of my eyes on your back
i know it's me you search for
when your head keeps turning to the track

i know you hear me whisper
tender words into your ear
a thread of love runs down your spine
you're immersed in me, i'm so near

i know you dream of me
tracing fingers down your skin
i fathom the depth of your longing
the line between us, so thin

i know i'm always besides you
and in every moment we commune
our chemistry inimitable, pure, perfect
an orchestra never out of tune

i know baby, that you love me
a fact you haven't and can't deny
your face, eyes and touch connote
meanings that words can't even try


  1. Love this!!Very emotive write.

  2. No pleasure like a dedicated reader! thanks :)

  3. I am waiting for a new poem from you......