Saturday, February 2, 2013

lover forever

From the sinuous labyrinths of memory
from the dark, tantalising track
out comes a sting in the eye
clutching my heart, when you come back

i know you know it just as well
the void you left - deep and black
it floods with light, laughter and love
i end up in pieces, when you come back

i'm lying, it's a pretence, i so admit
it's strategy to live, it's plain tact
for how can someone who never went away
a permanent resident, ever come back


  1. इस कविता की भावनाएँ फ़राज के वो अशआर याद दिला गयीं

    ये मैं भी क्या हूँ उसे भूलकर उसी का रहा
    कि जिसके साथ न था हमसफ़र उसी का रहा

    बहुत सी ख़्वाहिशें सौ बारिशों में भीगी हैं
    मैं किस तरह से कहूँ उम्र भर उसी का रहा

  2. Lovely! The paradox of love is so beautifully etched out.

  3. "They say you've found somebody new
    But that won't stop my lovin' you
    I just can't let you walk away
    Forget the love I had for you

    Guess I could find somebody, too
    But I don't want no one but you
    How could you leave without regret
    Am I that easy to forget

    Before you leave be sure you find
    You want his love much more than mine
    'Cause I'll just say we've never met
    If I'm that easy to forget"

    Jim Reeves - Am I That Easy To Forget

    1. Oh! beautiful! Writing is a great medium to know how others have felt exactly the same things we all do...