Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I prefer BMWs (sic)

As the swanky white car came around the bend of the porch, I narrowed my eyes to search its occupant. I had been waiting for ten minutes, and it was a dry, drab, professional wait. More to help himself, the person standing behind me offered an explanation for the white wonder. “It’s my car, you know,” he said with undisguised heroic. “I prefer BMWs”, he added to complete the kill.

I wonder the range of reactions I could have given him. I enjoyed thinking it up:

(with big suggestive eyes) “Oh yah? If I sit in your car looooong enough, will you give me one of your cars that you DON’T prefer?”

(the complete baby look) “But what is the full form of BMW, sir?”

(the naughty-you look) “And so do the brats who mow down street dwellers”
I have a feeling he would have loved the above reaction.

(flatly) “What’s the big deal? I’ve done it in a Hummer.”

(bluntly) “I still prefer my office peon.”

(laughing) “You bet I sleep better in my chartered bus!” 

(matter-of-factly) “I prefer Marooti A-Star.”

(sweetly) “Actually, I prefer anything earned with honesty.”

 The last one, you can guess, is my personal favourite. Yours?

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  1. well,the last one would be my favourite too but i can hear you say "you bet I sleep better in my chartered bus!" too.. ;)
    and also the Marooti A-star one!!! that one i wouldnt mind.. :)