Sunday, September 15, 2013

Practical Love

through the chinks of a mauled heart
seamless tears ooze
into the drain of everyday life
traded in the name of practicality.

an entire love story
lies scattered in pages
and the cup is held away
from withering parched lips
the distance of cruel years
is yet to be sealed.

faith's test passed
is a youth wasted away.


  1. I gather teh lying pages and sticth them up, a love story, patched up in missing gaps where memories fill in. But the heart still aches of the memories lost, that try, unsuccessfully to tie up the missing pages. And as the years wither away, a fresh year blushes on the horizon. A faith still to be restored.

  2. how can a youth be wasted away ?? all that happened and is about to happen only enriches & sadness & love are subjective parameters to have anything to do with youth.. :)

    1. Poems reflect mood. This, is just one of them. But of course i agree with you...and yet believe we can write down agonies through words. Balanced or not.