Friday, November 7, 2014


The arduous task of holding grief
Of emotions manipulated to make
The seizures of angst seem brief
Of hope thinning, causing to rake
The wish tree's last lonely leaf
Relentless fate threatening to break
Fragile left overs of reprieve
Against time running for its sake
Spending death wishes in all but a heave
Pain that grips the innards like plague
The lump in throat that doesn't leave
Inner implosions turning blake
Leaving precisely nothing to bereave
Ears bleeding, eyes steeped in ache
Heart as mind's wretched fief
Pauseless suffering, soundless writhing
The arduous task of holding grief


  1. फक़त हुनर ही नहीं ऐब भी कमाल के रख
    सो दूसरों के लिए तजुर्बे मिसाल के रख

    फ़राज़ भूल भी जा सानहे मोहब्बत के
    हथेलियों पे न इन आबलों को पाल के रख..

  2. Thoda tough tha..upar se nikal gaya. Is there a dumbed down version..for people like me ..? :-)

    1. in one line, it is about the painstaking struggle that goes beneath a peaceful countenance.

  3. All I can say and wish for the protagonist - 'Smile, no matter what...'