Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Animal Instincts

Today is my day
and I will have you at my sway
I will thrash you with love
and soak you in passion
tingle you with words
in an all new fashion
I will singe your fingers
with delicious little flames
and play with your ears
defeat you at your games

I will bring you to your knees
make you do as I order
I will serve me on a platter
your delectable fodder

I will intoxicate with my lips
as I wear down your patience
suffocate you with my body
merrily destroy your balance

I will drench you with desire
trap you in my snare
I will slip out of your arms
till you beg me to be there

I'll mush you I'll crush you
and I'll bring you alive
your goddess and your bitch
your slave and your wife!


  1. Dangerous sentiments, LOL.
    But jokes apart, it is great poem from you as usual.

  2. Nice write!It reflects kind of unrest in the mind.

  3. Some passion I can see !!!

  4. Thts of ur bests. Reminds my literature classes in College.

  5. thank you all :) animesh, you clearly over-estimate me!