Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So you think you are hot. Others have contributed to this notion too. And meant it as a compliment.

In all honesty, I too think you are hot. You have a way of turning up things, including people, in flames. Flames that burn. Swinging between extremes of an unctuous boyfriend and a vengeful jilted lover.

When you are pleased, you lay out an entire garden of daffodils before your object of appreciation. And mind you, you don’t marvel yourself any less for doing that. When you are displeased, you take a perverse kinda kick in trampling the other person in the meanest of adjectives. Not loving yourself any less while doing that.

You seem to have led yourself into believing that this macho, irrational and filmy-hero type behavior makes you look like a demi-god. Polite and tolerant people let you swim in this fantasy, knowing well that disturbing your turf with objective feedback will only dirty their hands, not change your course. If you only had the eye for self-introspection.

You are rare, that is a truth. And thank goodness for that. It is nice to see you exploit your talents to the fullest, but doing it with a brazen, pig-headed, show-you-down approach, only takes my attention away from your core genius to your pathetic insecurity. Garbed under the cloak of rugged over-confidence. Some people say one has to be like you to sell in this world. I refuse to believe that.

But yes, I do get intrigued thinking, what a gem you would have been, had you known moderation. Balance.

I know you don’t give a damn to my opinion, or to anyone else’s for that matter. Which is quite fine with me, as long as you stay a safe distance away.

Warm people make one snug, soothed, comforted. So yes, you are hot indeed. You scald. 

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