Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Charmer

Boy, I swear, I’m gonna nail you
for the tricks you pull with your charm
for the crimes you do, and get away
with that smile you use to disarm

my petition is ready, and I’m coming strong
with a mind to get all even
will knock all doors, and I’ll be heard
my mood, today you can’t leaven

I’ve had enough of gritting my teeth
ending up a slavering schmuck
swept away by your wordless beauty
bereft of will, devoid of pluck

pray, tell, how you con me
and what do you dissolve in the air
making me forget, every little defense
unraveling me from far, layer by layer

it’s merciless you know, to have this effect
on anybody who loves you so
making them exist outside their skin
exposed, vulnerable, slow

today, honey, is a different day
i’m prepared with a battery of guns
just don’t turn back, oh my killer
coz I’d be dead, if you looked at me once

1 comment:

  1. How can you be so sure that you dont have the same effect on him?