Friday, August 8, 2014

Take Me Away

Come take me away
to a world without chains
our hands held loose
in the infinite tenderness
of our communicative fingers

take me away without my knowing
the places we tread
or the destination, if any
keep me forever in the hopeful longing
of etching out a place we can call ours

take me away from my worldly roles
on the inroads to my latent me
where our paths are lit by
the glow of dreams and not
the light of realities

take me away before they claim me
the ones to who I lawfully belong
from obligations social, commitments personal
from a plethora of responsibilities
none of which I owe to me

come take me away
before I’m forced to tread alone
the beaten path that destiny chose
for no matter who travels alongside
the child of my heart travels alone
arms outstretched for the path we could walk
hoping against hope
that you’d come
come and take me away.


  1. Wonder how does a strong and cheerful girl like you write such intense stuff. Bahut mehnat lagti hogi naa? I must compliment you on the magnificent poem. Its superb.

    1. I will reply to this with a poem i had written in college:
      "People who laugh a lot, who love and care and share
      and loved and sought by all, 'coz they're so lively, and so very rare
      they sing aloud in the autumn, and dance with mirth in the rain
      and so perfectly do they manage to hide, their own dark world of pain."