Tuesday, January 4, 2011


she meets the world with elan
she stands out from the crowd
she makes hearts flutter
oh! she makes me so proud

she walks with long steps
befriends in an easy way
she does what she believes
she's no doll who'll sway

her words could crown and throne
for the true, kind and just
the wrong, foul and shadey
she turns them into dust

she's pretty as a picture
a thing she hardly cares
she's busy honing her mind
her talent, hobbies and flair

her confidence is as startling
as contagious are her smiles
her maturity of one aged
her gaitey of a child

her dance is silent poetry
her voice rings like metal
her talent too many to count
she's a woman of some mettle

she's got a thing for perfection
she leaves no dirty ends
quality is her benchmark
there, she doesn't bend

she showers her love on me
a melting wax in my arms
she shows me how to live
she inspires, oh! she charms

so, heads turn to see her -
a marvel in the crowd
it doesn't make me jealous
but very very proud!!


  1. way to go girl!!
    Amazing write up...and well who can forget your dance moves :)

  2. Wonderful write!most of your poems are of the form "RHYME".You are a great poet.So it is better to try other forms of English poems also e.g.Prose poetry,Free verse,Haiku,Monoku,Sonnet there are lots of it.After all it is upto you.As I am a fan of your poems it is my request.One more request Please delete my comment on your poem 'pure chand se kaho' in which I mentioned poet Shakti chattopadhya.

  3. thanks all :)
    i think i'm a rather 'conformist' sort of a writer as of now...and hence have not been able to break free of rhymes. shall try that too.

  4. nicely penned, Self-love can be quite delightful...like closing your eyes savouring a piece of chocolate, almost.
    Obsession is not always the result of indulgence...it can be just ignorance. How far does one go is merely one aspect...how far does one go with "WHAT" is more relevant.

  5. I think u got inspiration from 'Shiela ki jawani' song...the dance (above) also from d song...am I right?

  6. Animesh - the song was from the movie Blue. The theme song i guess, not too sure though. I need no inspiration to dance!

    Vishal - this poem is written through someone else's heart, i just happen to have the pen! so this doesnt classify as self-love.