Monday, March 28, 2011


RED was the colour of seduction.
of sizing you up with dark eyes
provoking you with casual lies
of inciting you with clever tricks
of love that fights, bounces and kicks…

GREEN was the colour of envy.
when you spoke of another
woman with praise
I’d clutch on to you
my heart ablaze…

BLUE was for our after-fight mood.
lying on the same bed
apart and aloof
waiting for another
to make the first move
and as we got a chance
which we just wouldn’t miss
we’d put our heart and soul
in a mighty giddy kiss…

WHITE was the colour of peace.
holding hands on a busy road
snoring and sleeping in your arms
gazing at your face- wordless & quiet
soaking in love and its charms…

PINK was the colour of joy.
joy to love you
joy to tease you
joy to take you for granted
and then,
joy to appease you…

ORANGE was the colour of our dreams.
the flame that glowed behind us
that guided and held us
that found and smelled us
that inspired and charmed us
that strengthened and armed us…

PURPLE was the colour of our nights.
stars lit up the sky
to celebrate our coming together
and full moon shone with glory
in nights that lasted forever…

the city I live in, celebrated holi
the festival of colours, of everything new
my palette laid there-barren and empty
you took away all my colours with you.

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