Friday, February 10, 2012


I do not know how I came to love it. What I know is that it is life to me.

It’s an escape. It’s a quick route to trance. It’s oxygen when I’m breathless. It’s love when I’m lonely. It’s laughter when I’m torn. Food when I’m famished. Silence in crowd. Stillness in motion. Magic in madness.
I could say a hundred things that it is, but not a single thing it is not. It is THAT close to my life. Someone said it’s a silent poetry. So damn right. And so damn incomplete.

Try dancing. I don’t know if that happens with you, but I can vouch for myself. See me dancing if you doubt my claim. So, try dancing. It can start from the tap of your thinking feet or the electric spasms in your fingers. Give it a chance, let it flow. Let it flood your veins. Feel it in your gut. Hear the music reverberate in your brain. Experience the gush of energy. Don’t stop it, don’t disturb it. You don’t even need to mould it. Stupid, bold, shy, uncouth, free, loud, slow…just anything. All you have to do, is let it be. And before you know, you will be dancing in full blood. You will feel your body sway with the melody, rock with the drums, and flirt with the strings. You will forget the last bad thing that happened with you. Sour relationships will fade away in the realm of forgiveness. Happiness will overwhelm you…and you will want to treat the world and its people in an all new way – sweet and loving. You will cherish yourself, and everything around you, more valuably than you generally do.

Life comes up brimming when you dance.

It’s not about public appreciation. It’s not about an audience. Definitely not about exercise. It’s about the spark in your eye. It’s about the ride of your senses. The jump of your spirit. The thrill in your veins.

Dance. The speech of my body.
Dance. The love of my life.
Dance. The prayer of my soul.


  1. So very true...Only if I could dance a little:(

  2. well and you go hand in hand..this piece speaks of what dance means to is something that comes from within is a part of,no wonder you are soooo good at it too..keep it up,my friend..

  3. “Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.”
    ― Rumi

    1. Aah favourite from his collection is:
      "Wound is the place from where light enters you". Marvelous!