Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I lift my lashes
carrying the weight of a hundred dreams,
loaded with unspeakable fantasies,
adorned with flowers of desire
laced with luscious little plans
I lift my lashes, to look at you

oh! What I see in your eyes
is a look to match mine
the eyes of a loving opponent
challenging, luring, warning
dark secrets and darker promises
lurking in the shadow of your lashes
an unsaid confession
brimming in the twin seas of love

soon, our eyes get locked in an embrace
hooked in a dizzying stare
the world around us spins
flowing between our eyes
is a river of love

the eyes start talking
love talk
nude, hungry, passionate
a fire glazes our eyes
as the rest of us melts in the heat
and dissolves in the kernel of our eyes

a sinking heart
an unhinged head
a wobbly knee
and drunk eyes

…call out to you

In a land far away from our reach
beyond space and time
our eyes are seeing, and doing
wild acts of love…


  1. wonderful,my friend!!!the eyes after all,say it times,way more than words..:)

  2. A very passionate poem the ending very much.

  3. Your style is the embrace of a lover.