Saturday, February 18, 2012

militant eyes

totally unwarranted

your earthy eyes flash before my face
I hold my heart from breaking
and my throat hurts
and a knife slices my back

Flashes merge in a film
your eyes first
pure as a stream
the color of earth
love longing and loyalty
mixed in the sphere of your eyes
my then world

then your laughter
child-like but bold
loud and ringing
often breathless
in which we’d swim through life
in perfect sync

your speech, aah those words!
of rebel and truth
jagged, serrated, hitting.
as you mercilessly
and thankfully
opened the gates of wisdom
of searching and quest
to my ignorant mind

and made me me.

As I sit today
Looking back on life
I laugh
Inadvertently, meaninglessly
The paths we choose
The roads we dismiss
The persons we become
The ideals we aspire
I laugh at them all
At myself

For I know nothing.


  1. The persons we become are not the persons we want to be....My apology to my heart for what it wanted to be but could not be.....for the path I choose against its will...for replacing the teardrops by plastic smiles.Love your poem!

  2. Thanks. I understand the apology you offer to your heart...for the line between what one should and shouldn't have done, i guess is very thin. And we'll probably never know what 'right' is.